Trust relationships are vital to the way we do business today.

trust-plaqueDoes your business have high trust? Examine the culture in your own place of work. The foundation of trust will permeate every aspect of your company: the people, the products they produce, the service they deliver and the corporate culture. This is why I consider trust to be a non-negotiable trait. If trust is lacking, take the necessary steps to allow this vital immeasurable to improve.

The challenge is having a conceptual framework and analytical way of evaluating and understanding trust. Without the proper framework for evaluating trust, there’s no actionable way to improve our trustworthiness, whether it is internally or externally.

The model of trust that I like to use was built and developed by Charles H. Green, which has evolved over many years. This is explored in his three books: The Trusted Advisor, Trust-Based Selling, and The Trusted Advisor Field book.

The Trust Equation is now the cornerstone of my practice: an analytical model of trustworthiness that can be easily understood and used to help yourself and your organisation.


What do I mean by these variables?

  • CREDIBILITY. These are the words we speak. For example, we may say, “I can trust what she says about coaching; she’s very credible on the subject.”

RELIABILITY. This is about our actions. We might say, “If he says he’ll deliver the results tomorrow, I trust him, because he’s dependable.”
  • INTIMACY. This 

refers to the safety or security that we feel when entrusting someone. We might say, “I can trust her with that information; she’s never violated my confidentiality before, and she would never embarrass me.”

A person’s focus. In particular, whether the person’s focus is primarily on him or herself, or on the other person. For example, “I can’t trust him on this deal — I think he’s too focused on what he’ll get out of it.” Or, “I don’t trust her — I think she’s too concerned with her own agenda”.


Trust in business requires good “scores” on all four variables in the Trust Equation. You want high credibility, reliability and intimacy, and low self-orientation.

How does the level of trust currently stand at your company? What could you do to help it increase? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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