Accelerating promotion readiness

Drive & passion

In any organisation, the desire to “bring on” talent more quickly than it is evolving naturally is always there.  It is part and parcel of developing bright talent.

The scenario is not uncommon :-

You have a bright candidate who has been highly successful until now.  In front of the employee is the prospect of a sudden and huge career leap.  The next step will be different to those that have gone before. It is risky for the employer and to the individual it be just plain scary.

Moving suddenly into executive leadership, Partnership perhaps, brings all sorts of challenges:-

  • creating an impact and being authentic
  • developing C-suite presence and relationship development
  • becoming and executive or Partner brings a huge expectation increase (at work and at home), and often a leap in leadership roles

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd8AAAAJGViNjY1YjY3LTgzNDctNGQ1MS1hNGU1LTY2ZGM2M2UxNDU0ZgThe individual will need space to think and not be overwhelmed with things to do.  The increase in expectations all around, maybe even with a customer, is going to be tough. Your employee is going to need to develop substantial resilience.


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