De-risking executive hiring


Executive integration

Marketing-executive-copyThe statistics about failure or inadequate success experienced by executives in new leadership positions are well known. Estimates for outright failure in the first 18 months is about 40% and has stood at this for the last 15 years. At Lumina, we are not prepared for our people to add to this statistic.

We provide specialist, trained, experienced coaches to work with new-in-post executives to assess the needs of the changed situation; accelerate the learning of the leaders, build a strong foundation in their new position, elicit the right support and resources to maximize their integration, establish clear measures and tools of success to ensure they deliver full value in the shortest possible time.

This rigorous and complete process is specifically designed to provide assistance to senior executives as they make the transition to a new role. It can be applied to new hires, to executives transferring between group companies, or redeploying internationally- Speeding your leader’s journey to optimum effectiveness in the new role.

Lumina’s integration programme mitigates the risk of your senior executives leaving soon after commencement in role, and ensures they deliver the maximum impact in their first year and beyond.


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