What we do

In order to see what coaching can achieve, we should be clear about what it is and what it is not.  It is not training, or consultancy, which involve the provision of solutions, knowledge or skills.

conections02_11Coaching, by contrast, helps people achieve their goals by drawing on their own inner resources in a mutually agreed partnership in which the coach’s intention is to empower the individual to exceed current performance. To succeed, individuals who are coached have to be open to improvement and personal growth; willing to identify their strengths and acknowledge their shortcomings; prepared to try out new things, and to take responsibility for their own development and performance.

The benefits of coaching are often greatest with an organisation’s most senior and high-flying people.  It is the business equivalent of sports coaching.  Everyone is familiar with the likes of top sports people possessing a coach; an executive coach will work with business people to clarify their objectives and assist them to realise their potential.

A common trait we find amongst the best leaders is the wish to constantly improve. Typically we will then work with the individual on clarity and a specific series of tailored action plans to achieve the desired objectives.

Lumina Coaching specialise in enabling executives to understand themselves and their Newton-cradle_0_80_600_320behavioural patterns in much greater depth; this gives them the psychological strength and self-awareness to perform more consistently and more effectively.

The basis of individual human nature is to stay the same and repeat the past unless the individual’s behaviour is analysed and feedback is absorbed.  Comparing to the world of sports… Gold medal winners’ successes are in a large part due to how much they study and learn from their own data.

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