Maternity coaching

Retaining your key women

Maternity coaching supports high-achieving women to successfully manage this important transition in the context of their professional lives.images-1
Recent research has highlighted the current “brain drain” of female talent from big organisations, as companies lose significant numbers of highly skilled and experienced senior women. The unnecessary loss of key talent has an economic and commercial impact on organisations in the short, medium and long term.

Maternity frequently coincides with a critical point in women’s careers, when they are on the partner/principal track. Recent research has identified that organisations are losing key women who opt out or move to more flexible employers. Legislative changes also mean that women are taking longer maternity leave periods. This increases the challenge of re-entering the organisation.

Maternity coaching supports both women and their employers to meet the challenges that this period of transition can create. This generally consists of 3 or 4 coaching sessions before, during and following maternity leave, facilitating much more effective and permanent transitions back into the workplace.

Maternity coaching works with both the individual and their line-manager to facilitate better communication, effective working practices and more motivated people. It provides effective support during a critical period of transition. Maternity management initiatives are used as a natural part of talent retention and employee benefits.


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