Typical programme

The diagnostic review

The review takes the form of a structured discussion lasting between two and three hours; it covers the executive’s current position, ambitions and aspirations and their personal values, competencies and skills. It looks at the individual’s life and career to date.

Further coaching engagements are formally arranged to provide direction and structure in order to identify and work toward explicit goals.

Regular sessions

Regular one-to-one sessions form the core of the coaching programme. The frequency of the sessions will then depend upon the client’s needs, typically every three or four weeks; either face-to-face, on the telephone or via Skype. The coach is always available for telephone coaching and e-mail exchange, as required.


Liaison with line manager

Close liaison with the individual’s line manager is an important factor in the success of this coaching programme. The aim of this is to develop learning outcomes in line with the  company’s business need and provide the individuals with essential feedback.


The coaching programme is confidential. In order to do the meaningful personal work that coaching enables, individuals must be assured of the confidential nature of the coaching relationship. A formal coaching contract provides a vehicle for detailing the confidentiality agreement and also defines the logistics, etiquette, and roles and responsibilities for any stakeholders.

Review and evaluation

Reviews take place regularly between the coach and executive to ensure that the programme is providing the anticipated results. Throughout the coaching programme, there is close liaison with the major sponsor to assess improvements and results. Usually that sponsor will be the coaching client’s line manager; sometimes that sponsor is part of the Human Resources or Talent Development team.

Core activities

  • Diagnostic review
  • Liaison with major sponsor / line manager
  • A mixture of regular 1:1 face-to-face and telephone sessions over the programme duration
  • Interim telephone and email access to the coach as needed
  • Final review and evaluation session
  • Feedback to line manager/ sponsor as required


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