Rescuing the fallen hero


Any organisation of size occasionally finds itself with a “once great executive” in its ranks.  Is it inevitable that they should leave gracefully (or ungracefully), or is there another higher value approach?

Remediation coaching

For those who have been around a while, we all know this scenario.  Perhaps we have an individual who has done really well, but now seems to hit a barrier.  Maybe they passed that barrier in the past but have fallen back.  We all know that the most cost effective action is not to replace this type of person.  What are we looking to do?

There is a common pattern of challenges for our “Fallen Hero” :-

  • blind spot recognition
  • both listening to, and actually hearing feedback
  • raising self awareness
  • handling knocks to confidence, image and self-worth

The issue for the Company is how to find tools to unlock the answer.


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