The corporate challenge today


Have you considered the return from Coaching may be viewable in ROI terms?  Depending on the sector you are in, to varying degrees your management and leadership will be one of the more expensive things you do.  If you are in the Professional Services Sector (Law, Consulting etc) Management might be the single most expensive thing you do.

People  have both skills and aptitudes.  Skills you can pick up through life – you can be taught. Aptitudes you are born with or without.  You can’t be taught aptitudes, but if you have them, they can be coached to full development. marginal-gains-2-540x356

It’s a little unlikely that you have budget to acquire coaching for all your managers and leaders. However, if you only have partial funding then your top 5% is where you should spend it.


Modern leaders and managers need to:

  • think systematically
  • develop authenticity
  • learn to be brave and courageous
  • know how to take care of themselves, as few other people will have the time

More than likely, all these are more aptitude than skill.  These can be coached.

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