Lumina Coaching – Taking executive performance to the next level

The corporate world is changing. There are ever-increasing complexities of diversity, changing markets and cultural shifts. How can senior executives keep up? How can you equip them with the tools required for success?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAd8AAAAJGViNjY1YjY3LTgzNDctNGQ1MS1hNGU1LTY2ZGM2M2UxNDU0ZgThe challenge is to unleash potential from your most valuable people. Individuals need to accept full responsibility for achieving their professional goals and aspirations. In the competitive world of sport, elite stars require their own coaches; why shouldn’t your organisation support its top performing stars in the same way?

With over fifteen years of experience, Lumina Coaching provides coaching programmes for executives that challenge them and broaden their outlook. When the global world is shrinking, it is essential that the executive perspective expands. Our expertise is international and includes public bodies as well as corporate environments and partnerships – we have a particular focus on the professional services marketplace. Building on all this experience, we deliver flexible and stimulating coaching programmes based on our sound commercial understanding and business knowledge.

Lumina Coaching takes pride in being driven by its client relationships; most of our new clientslumina logo come to us on a referral basis. We deliver a significant and measurable return on investment from our coaching programmes.

Lumina Coaching specialises in both corporate and personal assignments. If you are interested in achieving transformational change in your senior executives or yourself, please explore this website then contact us at Lumina Coaching.